ELA Messenger Guide

0. Did you have a CryptoName?

If you havn't the CryptoName, please go to here(https://cryptoname.org) and register one.

You can see the guide on there(https://cryptoname.org/guide.html).


1. Enable Messenger of your CryptoName

1.1 Please go to the https://cryptoname.org and open the Account page.
1.2 Edit your CryptoName, add an extended key that names "messenger"

1.3 Copy the string and open your Elephant wallet to sign it


1.4 Paste the signature to the CryptoName and save it.

1.5 Check your CryptoName info, please confirm all info is right

Finish, let's open the Elaphant app.



2. Install ELA Messenger mini app

2.1 Install it from "Mini Apps" or click below URL.


2.2 Open ELA Messenger in the Elaphant wallet and type in your CryptoName.

3. Using ELA Messenger

Channel is a message wall, you can post your topic to it.

You can also send a message to your friend who has registered their CryptoName to Messenger.


Enjoy! ^_^


4. Enable MessageWall of your CryptoName


Same as the step 1, just add an extended key that names "messagewall".